Telecom Network Solutions

Telecom Network Solutions

Telecom network traffic is continuing to experience rapid growth driven primarily by bandwidth-intensive content, such as digital video, multimedia, music, social networking, video conferencing and HD content. This growth is intensified by the proliferation of mobile and fixed network-attached devices, including smartphones, laptops and netbooks, e-readers, PCs, televisions and gaming devices, that are enabling consumers to access content at increasing data rates anytime and anywhere. The growing widespread use of IP-based video, including user-generated video, IPTV, streaming web video, video conferencing and mobile video enabled by 4G and LTE wireless infrastructures, has especially contributed to the growth in network traffic and placed significant strains on existing communications networks.

Service providers are responding to this traffic growth, by seeking scalable, low-cost, bandwidth-enabling solutions. Optical networking has emerged as a key technology to support this increasing need for bandwidth capacity due to their ability to efficiently carry large amounts of data at low cost per bit. GalaxyBit products enable the key attributes of Speed, Agility and Access required by service providers for current and next generation optical networks. 

  • Speed refers to the ability to transmit data at increasingly high data rates. A key limitation of network capacity is the amount of data that can be transmitted through a single DWDM channel from one point to another. Therefore, high speed transmission networks carry a larger amount of data from point to point in less time. GalaxyBit offers a portfolio of products enabling data transmission at speeds of 2.5Gbps, 10Gbps, 40Gbps and 100Gbps.
  • Agility refers to the tunability and re-configurability of products to support efficient bandwidth allocation for the rapidly growing and dynamically changing traffic patterns over communications networks. GalaxyBit offers a portfolio of products that enable network agility.
  • Access refers to the ability to provide high-bandwidth connections to more devices and people over fixed and wireless networks. GalaxyBit offers a portfolio of products for wireless backhaul applications, fiber-to-the-home network standards and point to point networks.

GalaxyBit simplifies optical network implementation by delivering high levels of integration through our PIC solutions, which combine multiple discrete elements, in some cases over one hundred, on a single chip. GalaxyBit has developed PIC-based products that achieve the increased performance required to migrate networks from 10Gbps to 100Gbps, that provides network agility through cost effective ROADM modules and that enables network access in outside plant PON installations and wireless backhaul systems. GalaxyBit solutions are compatible with existing network architectures and enable incremental system upgrades, allowing service providers to rapidly scale network capacity and deploy enhanced services to their customers over existing fiber infrastructure.

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