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NeoPhotonics SFP Transciver Module Catalog
NeoPhotonics Part Number GalaxyBit Part Number Application Wavelength Media Type Reach
PT7320-31(2)-1W(+) GB-SFP-0115 155M 1310nm SMF 15km
PT7320-31(2)-2W(+) GB-SFP-0140I 155M 1310nm SMF 40km
PT7420-31(2)-2W(+) GB-SFP-0140 155M 1310nm SMF 40km
PT7620-31(2)-2W(+) GB-SFP-01120I 155M 1550nm SMF 100km
PT7320-41(2)-1W GB-SFP-0220I 622M 1310nm SMF 15km
PT7420-41(2)-2W GB-SFP-0240 622M 1310nm SMF 40km
PT7620-41(2)-2W(+) GB-SFP0280 622M 1550nm SMF 80km
PT7320-51(2)-1W(+) GB-SFP-0310 1.25Gbps 1310nm SMF 10km
PTC3830-553(4)Cx-LC/PC(+) GB-SFP-0310 1.25Gbps 1310nm SMF 10KM
PTC3830-553(4)Ex-LC/PC(+) GB-SFP-0320 1.25Gbps 1310nm SMF 20KM
PTC3530-333(4)1x-LC/PC(+) GB-SFP-0320 1.25Gbps 1310nm SMF 15KM
PT7420-51(2)-2W(+) GB-SFP-0340 1.25Gbps 1310nm SMF 40km
PT7620-51(2)-2W(+) GB-SFP-0360 1.25Gbps 1550nm SMF 60km
PT7620-51(2)-3W(+) GB-SFP-0380I 1.25Gbps 1550nm SMF 80km
PT7820-51-3W(+) GB-SFP-03100 1.25Gbps 1550nm SMF 100km
PT7320-61(2)-1W(+) GB-SFP-0402 OC48/STM-16 1310nm SMF 2km
PT7420-61-2W GB-SFP-0415 OC48/STM-16 1310nm SMF 15km
PT7720-61-3W GB-SFP-0440 OC48/STM-16 1550nm SMF 40km
PT7820-61-3W GB-SFP-0480 OC48/STM-16 1550nm SMF 80km
PT7420-81-ED+ GB-SFP+-LR 10Gb/s 1310nm SMF 10KM
PT7420-83-ED+ GB-SFP+-LRI 10Gb/s 1310nm SMF 10KM
PT7420-81-1D+ GB-SFP+-LR 10Gb/s 1310nm SMF 10KM
PT7420-82-1D+ GB-SFP+-LR 10Gb/s 1310nm SMF 10KM
PT7620-81-ED+ GB-SFP+-ER 10Gb/s 1550nm SMF 40KM
PT7620-81-1D+ GB-SFP+-ER 10Gb/s 1550nm SMF 40KM
PT7620-83-ED+ GB-SFP+-ER 10Gb/s 1550nm SMF 40KM
PT7620-83-1D+ GB-SFP+-ER 10Gb/s 1550nm SMF 40KM
PTNEN3-44N(C)P+ GB-SFP+-ER 10.3125G 1550nm SMF 40KM
PT745F-81-1D(+) GB-XFP-LR 10GBASE-LR 1310nm SMF 10km
PT765F-81-2TD(+) GB-XFP-ER 10GBASE-ER 1550nm SMF 40km
PTNEL3-55CQ+ GB-XFP-LR 10.3125G 1310nm SMF 10KM
PT7820-61-4W-CXX CWDM-2.5G-80-XX 2.5Gbps 1470~1610nm SMF 80km
PT7820-61-4W-C47 CWDM-2.5G-80-47 2.5Gbps 1471nm SMF 80km
PT7820-61-4W-C49 CWDM-2.5G-80-49 2.5Gbps 1491nm SMF 80km
PT7820-61-4W-C51 CWDM-2.5G-80-51 2.5Gbps 1511nm SMF 80km
PT7820-61-4W-C53 CWDM-2.5G-80-53 2.5Gbps 1531nm SMF 80km
PT7820-61-4W-C55 CWDM-2.5G-80-55 2.5Gbps 1551nm SMF 80km
PT7820-61-4W-C57 CWDM-2.5G-80-57 2.5Gbps 1571nm SMF 80km
PT7820-61-4W-C59 CWDM-2.5G-80-59 2.5Gbps 1591nm SMF 80km
PT7820-61-4W-C61 CWDM-2.5G-80-61 2.5Gbps 1611nm SMF 80km
PT7620-61-4W-CXX CWDM-2.5G-40-XX 2.5Gbps 1470~1610nm SMF 40km
PT7620-61-4W-C47 CWDM-2.5G-40-47 2.5Gbps 1471nm SMF 40km
PT7620-61-4W-C49 CWDM-2.5G-40-49 2.5Gbps 1491nm SMF 40km
PT7620-61-4W-C51 CWDM-2.5G-40-51 2.5Gbps 1511nm SMF 40km
PT7620-61-4W-C53 CWDM-2.5G-40-53 2.5Gbps 1531nm SMF 40km
PT7620-61-4W-C55 CWDM-2.5G-40-55 2.5Gbps 1551nm SMF 40km
PT7620-61-4W-C57 CWDM-2.5G-40-57 2.5Gbps 1571nm SMF 40km
PT7620-61-4W-C59 CWDM-2.5G-40-59 2.5Gbps 1591nm SMF 40km
PT7620-61-4W-C61 CWDM-2.5G-40-61 2.5Gbps 1611nm SMF 40km
PT7620-51-4W-C**(+) CWDM-1.25G-80-XX 1.25Gbps 1470~1610nm SMF 80km
PT7620-51-4W-C47+ CWDM-1.25G-80-47 1.25Gbps 1471nm SMF 80km
PT7620-51-4W-C49+ CWDM-1.25G-80-49 1.25Gbps 1491nm SMF 80km
PT7620-51-4W-C51+ CWDM-1.25G-80-51 1.25Gbps 1511nm SMF 80km
PT7620-51-4W-C53+ CWDM-1.25G-80-53 1.25Gbps 1531nm SMF 80km
PT7620-51-4W-C55+ CWDM-1.25G-80-55 1.25Gbps 1551nm SMF 80km
PT7620-51-4W-C57+ CWDM-1.25G-80-57 1.25Gbps 1571nm SMF 80km
PT7620-51-4W-C59+ CWDM-1.25G-80-59 1.25Gbps 1591nm SMF 80km
PT7620-51-4W-C61+ CWDM-1.25G-80-61 1.25Gbps 1611nm SMF 80km
PTD4061-4XXX(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-XX 2.5Gbps C and L band SMF 80km
100GHz ITU Grid
PTD4061-4C17(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-17 2.5Gbps 1563.86 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C18(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-18 2.5Gbps 1563.05 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C19(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-19 2.5Gbps 1562.23 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C20(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-20 2.5Gbps 1561.42 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C21(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-21 2.5Gbps 1560.61 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C22(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-22 2.5Gbps 1559.79 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C23(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-23 2.5Gbps 1558.98 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C24(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-24 2.5Gbps 1558.17 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C25(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-25 2.5Gbps 1557.36 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C26(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-26 2.5Gbps 1556.55 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C27(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-27 2.5Gbps 1555.75 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C28(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-28 2.5Gbps 1554.94 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C29(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-29 2.5Gbps 1554.13 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C30(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-30 2.5Gbps 1553.33 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C31(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-31 2.5Gbps 1552.52 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C32(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-32 2.5Gbps 1551.72 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C33(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-33 2.5Gbps 1550.92 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C34(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-34 2.5Gbps 1550.12 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C35(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-35 2.5Gbps 1549.32 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C36(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-36 2.5Gbps 1548.51 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C37(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-37 2.5Gbps 1547.72 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C38(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-38 2.5Gbps 1546.92 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C39(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-39 2.5Gbps 1546.12 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C40(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-40 2.5Gbps 1545.32 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C41(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-41 2.5Gbps 1544.53 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C42(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-42 2.5Gbps 1543.73 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C43(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-43 2.5Gbps 1542.94 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C44(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-44 2.5Gbps 1542.14 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C45(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-45 2.5Gbps 1541.35 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C46(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-46 2.5Gbps 1540.56 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C47(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-47 2.5Gbps 1539.77 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C48(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-48 2.5Gbps 1538.98 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C49(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-49 2.5Gbps 1538.19 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C50(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-50 2.5Gbps 1537.4 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C51(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-51 2.5Gbps 1536.61 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C52(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-52 2.5Gbps 1535.82 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C53(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-53 2.5Gbps 1535.04 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C54(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-54 2.5Gbps 1534.25 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C55(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-55 2.5Gbps 1533.47 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C56(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-56 2.5Gbps 1532.68 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C57(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-57 2.5Gbps 1531.9 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C58(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-58 2.5Gbps 1531.12 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C59(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-59 2.5Gbps 1530.33 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C60(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-60 2.5Gbps 1529.55 SMF 80km
PTD4061-4C61(+) DWDM-2.5G-80-61 2.5Gbps 1528.77 SMF 80km
PTB3470-553(4)3W-LC/PC(+) GB-WDM40-1314 1.25Gbps 1310/1490 SMF 40km
PTB3830-553(4)3W-LC/PC(+) GB-WDM40-1413 1.25Gbps 1490/1310 SMF 40km
PTB3370-553(4)2W-LC/PC(+) GB-WDM20-1314 1.25Gbps 1310/1490 SMF 20km
PTB3830-553(4)2W-LC/PC(+) GB-WDM20-1413 1.25Gbps 1490/1310 SMF 20km
PTB3370-553(4)CW-LC/PC(+) GB-WDM10-1314 1.25Gbps 1310/1490 SMF 10km
PTB3830-553(4)CW-LC/PC(+) GB-WDM10-1413 1.25Gbps 1490/1310 SMF 10km
PTB3350-333(4)2W-LC/PC(+) GB-WDM-0140A 1.25Gbps 1310/1550 SMF 40km
PTB3630-333(4)2W-LC/PC(+) GB-WDM-0140B 155M 1550/1310 SMF 40km
PTB3830-333(4)1W-LC/PC(+) GB-BD20-1314 155M 1310/1490 SMF 2-15km
PTB3370-333(4)1W-LC/PC(+) GB-BD20-1413 155M 1490/1310 SMF 2-15km
PTB3350-333(4)1W-LC/PC(+) GB-WDM-0120A 155M 1310/1550 SMF 2-15km
PTB3530-333(4)1W-LC/PC(+) GB-WDM-0120B 155M 1550/1310 SMF 2-15km
PTB38J0-6537E-SC/PC GB-GPON-OLTC 2.488G/1.244G 1490/1310 SMF 20KM
PTB38J0-6538E-SC/PC GB-GPON-OLTB 2.488G/1.244G 1490/1310 SMF 20KM
PTB38J0-6548E-SC/PC GB-GPON-OLTB 2.488G/1.244G 1490/1310 SMF 20KM
PTB38J0-6547E-SC/PC GB-GPON-OLTC 2.488G/1.244G 1490/1310 SMF 20KM
PTB38J0-5537E-SC/PC GB-EPON-OLTC 1.25G 1490/1310 SMF 20KM